We've found a passion for artfully crafting media and strategy to assist non-profit organizations in bringing people that have an abundance together with those that are left hungry and wanting.

It's a great time to be alive and working in this space! organizations are experiencing a level of reach and accessibility never before seen. Where once a monthly or quarterly newsletter was the most efficient and timely way to bring updates on your story of hope to those offering support; we now enjoy many incredible platforms for instant communication where compelling content is shared, liked, and craved. Congregation Media comes alongside to create, educate, and support you in the work you're doing while you thrive in this digital landscape. Together, let's tell the passionate story of your mission and the people and places you're serving. We desire to use our talents and resources to drive change where it's needed.



Warmth for the cold - Food for the hungry - Health for the sick - Light for the dark

How beautiful is this Coming Together. A Congregation of have and have not.